Police Certificate Request Letter (Click Here)

Individuals over the age of 18 must provide a confirmation from a national law enforcement authority (usually the police or a department at the Ministry of Justice or a similar government body) that they have no criminal record.These documents are required for each country in which the person lived for 6 consecutive months or longer since reaching the age of 18.

These records may be known as a‘police certificate’, ‘police clearance’ or ‘record of no information’ depending on the country. In most countries such certificates are easily available upon request from a central police/government office.

In some countries, the police authorities will only send this certificate directly to the foreign government requesting the certificate. In this case, the certificate should be sent to the following address:

“The Citizenship by Investment Unit, Pavilion Drive, Coolidge, P.O. Box W2074, St. George’s, Antigua”.

Certain other countries will require a [Police Certificate Request Letter] from Antigua and Barbuda. The Licensed Agent handling your file can obtain this from the Citizenship by Investment Unit and forward it to you for submission to the relevant police authorities.

It is highly recommended that applicants should request their police certificate prior to making their application for Citizenship. It is also recommended that such applicants include with their application, a copy of the receipt for the requested police certificate (if this is available) to assist the Citizenship by Investment Unit in tracking their certificate.

If you cannot get police certificates from any of the countries where you have lived, it is imperative you provide a written explanation and an original letter from the police authority confirming that they will not issue a certificate.