For visitors to Antigua and Barbuda the following entry requirements apply:
Most European Union citizens (see list below) do not require a visa to enter Antigua and Barbuda on holiday or business. Persons visiting are permitted to stay as long as their business takes, provided that:
a) this is no longer than six months
b) they possess a passport with a minimum of six months validity from their date of departure
c) they have an onward or return ticket
d) they have confirmation of accommodation
e) they can produce evidence of their ability to maintain themselves in Antigua and Barbuda


A visa application kit may be downloaded by clicking here (PDF – 395Kb).

Opening Times Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm. Appointments are not necessary. The processing time for visa applications is approximately 5 working days.

Applicants will be informed of the collection date once their application and all supporting documentation has been received and processed. Please note, delays in processing can occur. The processing times quoted are approximates and cannot be guaranteed. It will not be possible to expedite a case simply because the applicant has not allowed sufficient time for the application to be processed.

Persons requiring a visa for Antigua and Barbuda:
(Please list below or confirm with the High Commission)

Reciprocal Visa-free Access for Diplomatic, Official and/or Ordinary Passport holders of Antigua and Barbuda
Albania El Salvador Lesotho Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Andorra Estonia Liechtenstein Samoa*
Argentina** Fiji Lithuania San Marino
Armenia* Finland Luxembourg Seychelles*
Austria France Macao* Singapore
Bahamas Gambia Macedonia Slovakia
Bangladesh* Georgia Madagascar Slovenia
Barbados Germany Malawi Solomon Islands*
Belgium Greece Malaysia South Africa
Belize Greenland Maldives* Spain
Bolivia* Grenada Malta Suriname
Bosnia Guatemala Mauritania* Swaziland
Botswana Guinea-Bissau* Mauritius Sweden
Brazil Guyana Mexico Switzerland
Bulgaria Haiti Micronesia Tanzania
Burundi Honduras Monaco Timor-Leste*
Cambodia* Hong Kong Mozambique* Togo
Cape Verde Hungary Nepal* Trinidad and Tobago
Cook Islands Iceland Netherlands Tunisia
China India Nicaragua Turkey
Chile Indonesia Niue Tuvalu
Colombia Iran++ Norway Uganda
Comoros* Ireland Palau* Ukraine
Costa Rica Isle of Man Panama* United Arab Emirates**
Croatia Italy Peru United Kingdom
Cuba Jamaica Philippines Uzbekistan (effective 1st Jan.,2020)
Cyprus Jordan* Poland Vanuatu
Czech Republic Kiribati* Portugal Vatican City
Denmark Korea (North) Qatar Venezuela
Djbouti* Korea (South) Reunion Zambia
Dominica Kosovo Romania Zimbabwe
Dominican Republic Laos* Russia
Ecuador Latvia Saint Kitts and Nevis
Egypt* Lebanon* Saint Lucia
British Overseas Territories
Akotiri and Dhekelia Cayman Islands Montserrat Isle of Man
Anguilla Gibraltar St. Helena
Bermuda Guernsey Turks and Caicos
British Virgin Islands Jersey Pitcairn Islands
French Overseas Departments & Collectives
French Guiana Martinique Saint Pierre & Miquelon
French Polynesia New Caledonia Wallis & Futuna
French Southern and Antarctic Lands St. Barth’s
Guadeloupe St. Martin
Dutch Territories
Aruba Saba
Bonaire St. Eustatius
Curacao St. Maarten
Other European dependent territories:
Jan Mayen (Norway) Faroe Islands (Denmark)
Other Countries which do not require visas for entry into Antigua and Barbuda:
Albania Azerbaijan Chile
Armenia Bulgaria Japan
Brazil Georgia Liechtenstein
Cuba Kyrgyzstan Moldova
Kazahkstan Mexico Peru
Korea Norway and Colonies South Korea
Monaco San Marino Tajikstan
Russian Federation Switzerland Ukraine
Suriname Turkmenistan Venezuela
Turkey Uzbekistan
United States of America Argentina
Andorra Belarus
* Visa granted upon arrival ++Visa granted upon arrival.
**Visa waiver for Diplomatic and Official passports
Citizens of Countries which do not appear on the above lists, require a visa.
Please note that citizens of the following Commonwealth countries now require a visa for entry into Antigua and Barbuda:
Bangladesh, Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, India, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka.

Cruise ship visitors who would normally require a visa would not require one provided that they arrive in Antigua and Barbuda in the morning and depart the same evening.

Intransit’ passengers traveling within the same day, who normally require a visa, do not need a visa for entry into Antigua and Barbuda, provided that they have proof of their onward journey, and they do not leave the ‘controlled space’ of the airport.

Documentation required when applying for a visa:

  1. Completed application form.
  2. Valid passport or travel document with valid transit or re-entry permit for any country for which you may be ticketed, such as the United Kingdom (please note, the passport must valid for a minimum life of 6 months from the date of arrival in Antigua and Barbuda, and must have one completely blank page for the issuance of the visa.)
  3. A recent color passport photograph (45mm x 35mm).
  4. Visa fee: Single entry £30.00                              Multiple entry £40.00
    • Exact money is requested if submitted in person in order to avoid delays.
    • Postal order made payable to the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission (if submitted within the United Kingdom).
    • Sterling International Money Order (if application is being sent from outside the United Kingdom) Money orders must be issued in pounds. Money orders in any other currency will not be accepted.


  1. Evidence of proposed journey into and out of Antigua and Barbuda i.e. ticket or confirmation of your booking from the travel agent. Multiple entry visas are only granted to applicants who produce evidence of multiple entries into Antigua and Barbuda.
  2. Proof of accommodation for the length of your stay or a letter of invitation from your host. For students, please provide the acceptance letter from your school, and the details of where you will be staying prior to the commencement of your studies. For individuals traveling on business, please provide a letter from your employer stating the purpose of your trip.
  3. Kindly include £7.00 for return registered postage within Europe.
  4. Proof of funds to finance the trip i.e. bank statements for the previous two months.
  5. A police record may be required if requested by the visa-issuing office.

Please contact the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission for any further information on visa and entry requirements.