Mike Malenke

Governance, Risk and Compliance Account Director, Thomson Reuters – Caribbean & Bermuda

Mike Malenke was Thomson Reuters’ top performing Financial & Risk Account Director in 2015.  He was recently selected to Thomson Reuters’ Circle of Excellence for his thought leadership in jurisdictional due diligence conducted on high risk individuals and entities.

Mike works with institutions located in the Caribbean and Bermuda with a focus on developing risk screening programs to help institutions comply with local legislative and regulatory requirements designed to combat a variety of financial criminal activities.  He is also a frequent speaker at regional events.

Mike has extensive personal experience working with all aspects of due diligence activities relating to Citizenship by Investment.  This includes providing the regional CIUs with enhanced due diligence serveries conducted on applicants, working with local agents to meet their pre-screening requirements, helping local financial institutions navigate the unique challenges of handling the fees of CBI applicants, creating DD strategies for CBI approved developers and working with global marketing agents to reduce their risk footprints.