Mr. Chameil Joseph

Corporate Secretary, Citizenship by Investment Unit, Saint Lucia

Chameil Joseph is the Corporate Secretary of the Citizenship by Investment Unit in Saint Lucia. She holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sussex and has been admitted to the Bar of England and Wales and Saint Lucia.  Chameil has been a key figure in the initial set up of CIP Saint Lucia having first been employed as the Unit’s Legal and Compliance Officer.  Prior to her engagement with CIP Saint Lucia, she engaged in private legal practice where she was responsible for the conduct of litigious as well as non-litigious legal matters and drafting of contracts and legal opinions. She later served as Legal Officer at the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security and was responsible for reviewing all applications for citizenship and residency and drafting and reviewing of policy documents, among other things. Based on her background and experience, Chameil brings significant experience and familiarity of the law and particularly citizenship to Saint Lucia’s CIP Programme.